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We aim to scale undervalued cashflow-generative SMEs in fragmented markets. We accomplish this by:

  1. Scale the target business through platform-based duplication

  2. Maximise topline by adapting the business to a modern customer base of millennials

  3. Improve operational efficiency through central deployment of technology


We care about making meaningful investments that can be deeply satisfying. This means focusing on long term emotional dividends and not just short term returns. We do not have a narrow or negative-list definition of ESG, instead value goals are the foundation of our investment approach.

Our general preference is to form strategic partnerships with business owners and share the success of a scaled platform. We believe business owners know their product best and our primary role is to help their product bring value to more people. 

We bring the best-suited equity partners through individual SPV structures. Our partners - both for expertise and smart capital, are sought on a strict referral basis. Each prospective partner must be recommended by at least five Approved Partners.

We develop proprietary systems to provide operational support for our businesses.

In addition, our in-house legal technology helps streamline the investment cycle b:

  1. Analytic-driven matches of partners and opportunities; 

  2. Standardised modular contracts that enable fast and reliable deal structuring; and

  3. End-to-end accounts management


1. Sourcing

We source broadly and widely.

Our dedicated local hunters originate proprietary opportunities, relying on both ad hoc and active discovery.


Institutional investors

Accredited / professional investors

  • Investors typically participate as LP's in our dedicated vehicles. They can also originate and lead deal syndication

  • All non-institutional investors must be referred and seconded by 5 existing Approved Partners, as well as subject to a proprietary vetting system

Partnered Experts

Sector Specialists

Region Key Persons

  • Experts​ may participate as strategic partners in our deals, e.g. as GP's, or on an advisory basis

  • All experts must be referred and seconded by 5 existing members, as well as subject to a proprietary vetting system


Owner / Operators

Brokers / Dealers

Professional managers

  • Originators may submit deals directly using our standard form

  • Originators may not view or otherwise access the platform

Affiliate Experts

Sector Specialists

Region Key Persons

  • We partner with experts directly and expert networks

  • Affiliate work with us on an advisory basis, and may not otherwise access the platform