Enhancing the power of capital through

passionate investments with spirited partners 

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The most satisfying investments do not just yield high risk-adjusted returns, but are passionate, creative, and produce constant emotional dividends.

The quality and integrity of our network is essential to an enjoyable investment experience. Therefore, we operate a strict referral system as a private member's club. 

We achieve the dual goals of confidentiality and broad distribution through a unique deal codification system. This enables the greatest efficiency at finding the most suitable investors and expert partners.

Our in-house legal technology helps streamline the investment cycle by

  1. Analytic-driven matches of partners and opportunities; 

  2. Standardised modular contracts that enable fast and reliable deal structuring; and

  3. End-to-end accounts management.


Strategic Partners

Capital access

Anchor Cities

We are alpha-oriented risk-takers, but we aim to extract above-market marginal return per unit of risk taken. With local partners, we are best situated to appraise intrinsic value and source underpriced opportunities.

We target companies with proven cashflow. While our time horizon is generally long term and our deal structures are flexible, we ensure an unambiguous path to add strategic value and realise returns.

We believe owners and longtime management know their products best. Our goal is to collaboratively enhance growth potential or add specific business expertise.  

We prefer simple and easily understandable business models, especially if the product / service can "sell itself". We also like owner-operators who have deep sector experience, rather than sector-agnostic managers.


Our investment process is rational and methodical, but our purpose isn't. We believe that great investments must start with passions, which will guide our value creation path.

Through our network of experts, we stay ahead of global geopolitical events and respond meaningfully through smart investments in local entities. We believe the best long term investments must be socially and environmentally beneficial. We satisfy these objectives and enhance returns by uncovering latent small-scale opportunities.

We are never foreign partners. We are always local partners. We celebrate the cross-fertilisation of cultures and bring people together through capital deployment. 

We apply "second-level" thinking in identifying suitable investment angles, this means focusing on long term, structural impacts.


1. Sourcing

We source broadly and widely.

Our dedicated local hunters originate proprietary opportunities, relying on both ad hoc discovery and sector-aware top-down approach.


Members can propose deals via our dynamic term sheet, which helps streamline data collection.


Individual HNW

(Min. US$5M investable capital)

Family Offices

  • Investors typically participate as LP's in our dedicated vehicles. They can also originate and lead deal syndication

  • All investors must be referred and seconded by 5 existing members, as well as subject to a proprietary vetting system

Partnered Experts

Sector Specialists

Region Key Persons

  • Experts​ may participate as strategic partners in our deals, e.g. as GP's, or on an advisory basis

  • All experts must be referred and seconded by 5 existing members, as well as subject to a proprietary vetting system


Owner / Operators

Brokers / Dealers

Professional managers

  • Originators may submit deals directly using our standard form

  • Originators may not view or otherwise access the platform

Affiliate Experts

Sector Specialists

Region Key Persons

  • We partner with experts directly and expert networks

  • Affiliate work with us on an advisory basis, and may not otherwise access the platform